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LADW Chairman Gunnar Kilian, Member of the Group Board of Management of Volkswagen AG More dialogue with and about Latin America 3. June 2022 Posted in: Events - Politics, diplomacy and business toasted the region at the LADW evening reception. Read more
Mexico-City Mexico continues to count on German companies 25. May 2022 Posted in: News and More - Minister of Economy Tatiana Clouthier visits Berlin. Read more
leaf Mastering global challenges together with Latin America 10. March 2022 Posted in: News and More - LADW and LAV publish recommendations for German policy. Read more
Container FAQ Free Trade Agreement between EU and Mercosur 18. February 2022 Posted in: Reports - The EU-Mercosur agreement will also benefit consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Read more
São Paulo The German-Brazilian Economic Meeting was different this year 29. October 2021 Posted in: Events - In the digital format, Board Members from both sides discussed intensively supply chains, digitalization, climate protection and healthcare. Read more
Mexico City Strong partnership with a lot of potential for expansion 1. September 2021 Posted in: Events - High-level talks at the 2nd German-Mexican CEO Roundtable on digitalization, climate protection, trade and investment. Read more
Brasília Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes in conversation with LADW 17. June 2021 Posted in: Events - The Brazilian Minister of Finance and Economy met virtually with LADW members at their annual meeting. Read more
EU-Banner EU-Mercosur Agreement as a driver for sustainability 30. April 2021 Posted in: News and More - Politicians and business leaders from both sides speak in favour of its entry into force in a debate organised by… Read more
Amazon_rainforest Economic development and climate protection are mutually dependent 5. October 2020 Posted in: Reports - Brazilian Vice President Mourão talks with LADW about economic cooperation, climate and the EU-Mercosur agreement. Read more
LADW_Events_30_Sep_2020 Let’s talk more with each other… 30. September 2020 Posted in: Events - Latin America is and remains an important market for German companies - despite the corona crisis. Read more
President Fernández in conversation with German business Argentina is seeking allies in Europe 3. February 2020 Posted in: Events - President Fernández visits Berlin and meets with German business. Read more
Minister Maas at the Latin America-Caribbean-Conference Strengthening cooperation with Latin America 10. December 2019 Posted in: Reports - LADW and BDI present joint position paper on Latin America. Read more
German-Brazilian Economic Meeting Andreas Renschler Modernising the strategic partnership with Brazil 18. September 2019 Posted in: Events - German-Brazilian Economic Meeting from 15 to 17 September 2019 in Natal, Brazil. Read more
Meeting with Vice President Mourão LADW and BDI in conversation with Brazilian Vice President 16. September 2019 Posted in: Reports - LADW Chairman Andreas Renschler and BDI President Dieter Kempf meet General Hamilton Mourão in Natal. Read more
Governor Doria and Delegation São Paulo calls for German investment 2. September 2019 Posted in: Events - Governor Doria and delegation visit Germany. Read more
Presentation of the CEO Agenda Germany among the worst performers in trade and investment in Latin America: LADW calls for a change of course 28. May 2019 Posted in: Reports - The LADW and McKinsey & Company presented the "CEO Agenda" study on economic cooperation with Latin America on the occasion… Read more
Ministers' Dialogue with German Industry Ministers from Latin America and the Caribbean meeting the LADW 28. May 2019 Posted in: Events - Impressions from the LADW Dinner for the Ministers of Foreign Affairs from Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more
Latin America Times are changing in Latin America – why it’s worth taking a closer look 2. April 2019 Posted in: Reports - In his opinion piece, LADW chairman Andreas Renschler takes a look at the situation in Latin America. Read more
Brasília National Museum No Experiments in Brazil! 5. November 2018 Posted in: Reports - Shortly after the electoral count, LADW Chairman Andreas Renschler commented on the severely polarising election in a FAZ guest article. Read more
EU Commission More willingness to compromise on EU-Mercosur agreement 11. July 2018 Posted in: Reports - LADW, BDI and CNI appeal in joint letters to the EU Commission, Mercosur and the governments of Germany and Brazil. Read more
Parliamentary Secretary of State Bareiß A new phase of cooperation with Brazil 30. June 2018 Posted in: Events - This year's German-Brazilian Economic Meeting on June 25 and 26 in Cologne. Read more
German Companies stick with Mexico 23. April 2018 Posted in: Events - Mexican-German Business Summit at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 Read more
LADW Kaminabend 15 March 2018 New opportunities through digital transformation in Brazil 15. March 2018 Posted in: Events - The digital world offers interesting approaches to cooperation with Latin America. Read more