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We are the Latin America Committee
of German Business

The Latin America Committee of German Business (LADW) draws on the competence of industry to develop business cooperation between Germany and Latin America so as to render it more focused, more efficient, and ultimately more effective. The business-driven body is hosted by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) in Berlin.

The CEO Agenda for Economic Cooperation with Latin America


A publication by LADW and McKinsey & Company for decision-makers from politics and business.

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LADW Chairman Gunnar Kilian
LADW Zitat

Gunnar Kilian, LADW Chairman

„Latin America is an important and promising region for German companies. This is the conviction with which we compete.”

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About us

The LADW unswervingly represents the interests of German business vis-à-vis its economic and political partners in Germany and Latin America. It is committed to the consistent expansion of economic collaboration.

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OUR Members

Leading representatives of German business with a strong interest in Latin America are involved in the LADW. Get to know us.


News and More

Latin America Brief

“Latin America’s GDP is twice that of India….

…but with only a third of the population”. Megainvestor Claure believes the region could be in for its best years in a long time.

“China’s loss is not Mexico’s gain”

The country continues to rely on an investment boom due to the decoupling of the USA from China. The potential has only been partially exploited.

Good news from the Amazon – but how is the EU reacting now?

Brazil’s Amazon clearing is falling again for the first time. At the same time, President Lula wants to unite South America’s governments to save the rainforest.


Petro seeks strategic clean energy alliance with Germany

Four weeks after the Minister of Economy, the President Gustavo Petro comes to Berlin.

Opportunities for German companies in Colombia

Minister of Economy Umaña visits Germany and promotes the sustainable industrialization of the country.

Why Latin America?

Strategically positioned between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, the 659 million predominantly young consumers create an innovation-friendly market with great potential and with a GDP of US$ 5 billion. German companies have been making their way here for over a century.

Today they are viewed as part of society. Shared political, economic and social values make Latin America an important ally to Germany, particularly in key areas such as trade, climate protection and energy policy.


Degree of urbanisation 80 %
Votes at the United Nations 17 %
Access to world trade 70 %
Renewable energies in the final consumption 29 %
Share of the world's freshwater reserves 33 %

Key facts German industry in Latin America









What we want
More intensive economic cooperation with Latin America through the creation and promotion of active and collaborative relationships between governments and business.
Who we are
A representative selection of opinion-leaders and decision-makers from the German economy who believe in Latin America.
What we do
We provide actual impetus for economic cooperation with Latin America while calling for and promoting political support for such cooperation.