Mr Dietz, how can small and medium-sized IT companies score in Latin America?

The digital transformation is currently driving almost every industry in the world. The Blockchain, the Cloud, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are technologies that not only open doors to new business fields, but also offer enormous opportunities in terms of productivity-increase and process-improvement. There is great potential here, especially in the industrial sector: According to MarketsandMarkets, global sales powered by Industry 4.0 solutions will increase by an annual average of fifteen percent in the years preceding 2022. IT companies in Germany have long-since recognised this, and have already successfully implemented vanguard projects. This accumulated experience is an ideal starting point from which to support companies in Latin America. These have at times been dependent on the industrial and technological competence of nations with strong manufacturing industries. The challenge for German IT companies, in turn, is to think globally and to dare take the step across the ocean. Otherwise we will be ceding promising business opportunities to other countries, such as the USA. So let us take this advantage, and the cachet of “Made in Germany”, to Latin America!

LADW Vice Chairman Ulrich Dietz - GFT
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Ulrich Dietz

Chairman of the Administrative Board of GFT Technologies SE and LADW Vice Chairman

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