“Brazil and Mexico – two directions, one mandate: reform”

The decisive electoral victories of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil indicate the faith that the people of both countries have placed in change. As different as the respective political directions may be, the citizens of both countries want smart economic policy that creates prosperity and reinforces social equilibrium, as well as decisive action against corruption and improvement in terms of security. These are issues that are of central importance in the German economy.

Both presidents are at the beginning of their terms. And both carry a banner emblazoned with the same slogan: Reform. The need for action is enormous. So we, as companies, view the future with an open, constructive and optimistic outlook. Brazil and Mexico are important partner-countries for German companies with great potential to be tapped through clever, business-friendly policies. Both presidents have clear mandates. They are now being called upon to use them for the good of their countries.

LADW Vice Chairman Guido Kerkhoff - Thyssenkrupp
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Guido Kerkhoff

Chief Executive Officer of thyssenkrupp AG, LADW Vice Chairman and Co-Spokesman of LADW Working Group „Brazil“

Sunday Brief N°10

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