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Singapore Mercosur is orienting itself towards Asia 28. July 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - A free trade zone has just been agreed with Singapore and Uruguay wants to open up to China, while the… Read more
Brazilian Real In Latin America, hawks sit at the central bank levers 14. July 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - In times of inflation, bitter experience has probably led to early countermeasures being taken there. Read more
Competition Latin America’s economies continue to lose competitiveness 30. June 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Nevertheless, investors seem to choose the region because of the size of the domestic markets. Read more
Port of Los Angeles Will Latin America benefit from the withdrawal of US companies from China? 15. June 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - If the region can become an attractive alternative by improving the business climate, infrastructure, and logistics. Read more
Colombia Election forecasts become difficult in Latin America 2. June 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Representatives of the traditional parties are currently having a hard time at the ballot box. But can the surprise winners… Read more
hall-of-nations Latin America seeks neutrality in geopolitics 19. May 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Washington is struggling to gather the region's heads of state for the Summit of the Americas. The countries have been… Read more
Montevideo Uruguay and Costa Rica global role models as democracies 21. April 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Even though the systems are under heavy pressure, Latin America remains the region with the highest density of democracies after… Read more
Theatre in São Paulo Why Brazil and South America are becoming more important for us due to the Ukraine conflict 11. April 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Because of its wealth of raw materials, energy resources and agricultural products, the region is becoming hotly sought after -… Read more
Sombrero Mexico’s future prospects darken, but economic conditions are solid 24. March 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Recent government measures are not only a cause for concern in the economy, but finances nevertheless remain stable. Read more
United Nations Latin America votes surprisingly united against Russia 10. March 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Mexico and Brazil also condemned the invasion of Ukraine at the UN General Assembly. The economic impact is still uncertain. Read more
Sao_Paulo_Brazil Surprisingly good outlook for Latin America’s economy 24. February 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Despite omicron and high inflation, foreign investors are betting on the region. This increases purchasing power, among other things. Read more
Buenos Aires Argentina and Brazil move closer to Russia and China 10. February 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - In the current confrontation of China and Russia with the West, South America could move away from Europe. Read more
OECD An OECD offer to South America 27. January 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - Brazil, Argentina and Peru have now the opportunity to become more attractive as business and investment locations through OECD membership. Read more
COVID-19 COVID-19 is back – also in Latin America 13. January 2022 Posted in: COVID-19 - However, individual economists see high inflation as a greater threat to growth in the region than the new covid wave. Read more