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Sunday Brief COVID-19 Special

Is Brazil on the verge of a rapid recovery?

The OECD has just noted that among the world’s largest economies, Brazil is the country with the most signs of expansion in August – after China.

Will the Latin American countries be left behind?

It seems that Latin America is being bypassed in the reorganisation of global value chains and at the same time is moving further away from Europe.

“Look ahead – and move on” – Latin America is returning to normality

More and more states in Latin America are returning to normality. Financial investors appear to be banking on an economic recovery.

There is no “all-clear” in sight for Latin America

Governments allow openings in trade and services. In the short term, growth rates will improve, but the recovery will be slower due to the need for new closures.

Brazil isolates itself – and threatens to drag South America with it

The loss of soft power will cost Brazil, and thus all of South America, dearly. It will take decades to make up for this loss of confidence.

Latin America: Out of the frying pan into the fire?

The continent could remain in recession longer and more severely than the rest of the global economy. But there are also rays of hope.

Mexico: How the government is restructuring the economy

AMLO uses the Corona crisis to restructure the economy: State-owned corporations are expected to dominate the economy.

What the COVID 19 pandemic will change in Latin America

It is likely that after the Corona crisis the economies of the region will be more state controlled and the population poorer.

Investors are beginning to punish weak governments

Rating agencies pay closer attention to the quality of the governments in the countries and include this in their risk assessments.

Latin America’s governments without a plan for the future

After the first, partly successful crisis management, governments in Latin America are reacting increasingly chaotically.

Latin America is facing two decisive weeks

There is too little testing and great uncertainty about the impact of the pandemic.

Bleak outlook for economic growth in Latin America

The economic impact of the pandemic could be more severe for Brazil, Mexico and Argentina than for Chile, Peru and Colombia.

COVID-19 transforms the political landscape of Latin America

COVID-19 has also reached the Latin American markets: trends and analysis of the economic impact of the pandemic.

Sunday Brief N°11

Upheaval in Latin America – the best option is staying the course

LADW Chairman Andreas Renschler evaluates the troubled times in Latin America.

The CEO Agenda for Economic Cooperation with Latin America

The publication “CEO agenda for Germany’s economic cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean”.

South America experiences turbulent times

The continent is in turmoil. And that isn’t likely to change soon. Should Brazil or the global economy recover more swiftly than expected, it might stabilise the region.

Sunday Brief N°10

What’s now at stake for us in Latin America

New presidents in Brazil and Mexico are daring to make a fresh start on a grand scale which is bound to turn the entire region upside down.

“Brazil and Mexico – two directions, one mandate: reform”

The decisive electoral victories of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil indicate the faith that the people of both countries have placed in change.

Change of government in Latin America’s most important markets

New presidents have taken office in Mexico and Brazil. How they will govern remains unknown. One thing is for sure: they are bound to change Latin America’s political and economic climate.

Sunday Brief N°9

Confidence is warranted: there’ll be no “just carry on” in Brazil

An ever more open society, a vigilant public, and an economy striving for growth is increasing the drive for political action.

Mr Sennes, must one fear the Brazilian elections?

The Brazilian economist Ricardo Sennes also addresses the elections in his country.

China is strategically expanding its presence in Brazil – in accordance with a detailed plan

Before the turn of the millennium, China hardly existed as a trading partner, investor or political player in or to South America. The transformation has been swift.

Sunday Brief N°8

Latin America an important ally for free trade

Global policy-making on issues such as the climate or energy could be dealt with more effectively together.

Mr Dietz, how can small and medium-sized IT companies score in Latin America?

The digital transformation is currently driving almost every industry in the world. It could also offer opportunities for German SME in Latin America

It’s difficult to make political forecasts for Latin America at present. Which issues are economically topical?

Perspectives on Latin America with a particular view to the forthcoming landmark elections in Mexico and Brazil.

Sunday Brief N°7

A decisive 2018 awaits us in Latin America!

The political constellations for the strategic rapprochement between the EU and Latin America are currently very good.

New momentum in cooperation with Brazil

Strong interest in further extending cooperation for instance in the area of digitalisation is demonstrated at this year’s German-Brazilian Economic Meeting in Porto Alegre in mid-November.

Argentina is a beacon of hope for Latin America

Mauricio Macri’s ongoing success is an important signal for the upcoming elections in Latin America

Sunday Brief N°6

Yes, Brazil can do it!

Brazil’s biggest recent economic crisis has been a source of great difficulty to everyone.

Mr Reuther, is the Brazilian economy enjoying an upswing?

Question: Mr Reuther, is the Brazilian economy enjoying an upswing? Yes, Brazil is on a

Economic and monetary policy create confidence

Brazil’s economy is recovering – despite the uncertain political environment. Consumption, in particular, is powering the upswing.

Sunday Brief N°5

Three G20 counterparts from Latin America intent on cooperation

The heads of state and government of the world’s largest industrial and emerging economies, known as the “G20”, are soon to meet in Hamburg.

Mr Staake, what can you tell us about logistics and Latin America?

The logistics world is currently discussing the “Tren Bioceánico”, the once-thought unrealisable railway line across the breadth of Latin America from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Latin America and Europe are growing closer

Generally speaking, Latin America is not doing so well. Nevertheless, the continent has become more significant for us Europeans.